Collection: Blake and Mortimer

This is our collection of Books. All in homage to Blake and Mortimer, by Edgar P. Jacobs and Bob de Moor.

From the very first installment to the latest releases, each book is meticulously crafted with stunning artwork and captivating storytelling. You’ll find yourself immersed in a world where ancient secrets are unveiled, hidden civilizations are discovered, and time itself becomes a playground for adventure.
The Adventures of Blake and Mortimer series is renowned for its exquisite artwork that brings the stories to life. The art style, known as “clear line” or “ligne claire,” was popularized by the legendary author and artist Hergé, creator of Tintin. This style is characterized by its clean lines, precise details, and vibrant colors that enhance the visual experience of each panel. The influence of Hergé’s work can be seen in the meticulous attention to detail and the dynamic compositions that grace every page of Blake and Mortimer’s adventures.

Die-hard fans of Franco-Belgian comics will appreciate the homage paid to Hergé’s legacy in the art style of Blake and Mortimer. The combination of captivating storytelling and stunning visuals makes these books a must-have for any collector or enthusiast.

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